Our new Trail Camera Comparison tool makes it easy to do a side by side comparison of trail camera features.  Resolution, trigger speed and video quality are just a few of the camera attributes shoppers must consider when buying a trail camera.  First let\’s take a look at what we are comparing.

  • Resolution (MP)  –  The number of pixels used to make a picture.  The higher the number is normally better
  • Trigger Speed  –  How quickly can the camera take a picture once it senses movement
  • Flash Type  –  Is it a standard white flash or is it an invisible black flash?
  • Flash Range  –  How far does the flash reach for night pictures?
  • Date Stamp  –  Time and date are stamped on the trail camera picture
  • Temperature Stamp  –  Temperature and maybe even barometric pressure are stamped on the pics
  • Moon Phase Stamp  –  Knowing the moon phase is always helpful
  • Video Resolution  –  Is the video 1080p or lower quality?
  • Video Length  –  The length of video clips captured
  • Photo Intervals  –  This is the length of time delay between pictures
  • Burst Shot Mode  –  This is the number of pictures that can be captured from one trigger event
  • Field Scan  –  Time lapse mode that takes daylight pictures on a set interval.  Great for food plots
  • Battery Life  –  One of the most important trail camera features
  • Battery Type  –  Most run on AA batteries
  • Warranty  –  1 Year seems to be the standard warranty.

Trail Camera Comparison Tool Instructions

The trail camera comparison tool can help you make your own trail camera comparison chart.  Head over to the shop and check out the section with trail cameras for sale.  You will find all the most popular models and under each one will be a \”compare\” button.  You can select and compare as few or as many different models as you like.  Once you have selected at least two different models, you will notice both will be listed in the sidebar on the right hand side of the page.  Hit the \”Build Comparison Chart\” button and your customized trail camera comparison will be generated.

Trail Camera Comparison Tool How-To Video


Give It a Try!

This tool is being rebuilt and will be back online in late 2018