Kodiak Series Trail Camera Review

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Cellular trail cameras like the Covert Code Black are great because they give you instant feedback. The downside is you have a minimum $19 AT&T data plan every month. But the real benefit is never entering your hunting area to pull the card and check the trail camera pics.


Comanche Outfitters the makers have found a compromise and created the Kodiak Series of wifi enabled trail cams. This patent pending process enables hunters to access the cameras over a wifi signal. Don\’t confuse this with cellular trail cameras.

The best example of the Kodiak trail camera technology is similar to the wireless network at your home. Every device that is connected to same wireless router can potentially communicate and share data. Like printing an email straight from your iPhone to your network printer. Or playing music from your laptop through your Xbox.


This trail camera generates a wifi signal that communicates with a smart phone app. The app allows the user to change settings on the Kodiak trail cameras, download images, and erase images.

Kodiak Series Release Dates

Kodiak released the game cameras in September of 2014. Unfortunately they are still \”back ordered\” due to shortages in initial stock. Deerpros is still waiting on them to hit the market so we can give it a proper field test and review.

Kodiak Battery Life is a Concern

The constant generation of a wifi signal requires power. We are all familiar with our cell phone\’s battery dieing as it searches for weak signals. We fear the same will be true with the Kodiak wifi cameras.

I am also curious how long it will take to download pictures via the free app. The concept is great but I don\’t want to stand in the woods and wait 15 minutes for all my game camera pictures to download. Plus how much battery is being chewed up during this data transfer.

I will revisit this post and offer a complete Kodiak trail camera review once we receive ours… or if we ever receive ours. In the meantime we would love it if you could offer your own review or opinion. This is a really exciting product if it lives up to the hype.

Where is the Kodiak App?

So this all sounds great! Wait for it…BUT.  I have searched itunes and Google Play and can not find the app. Below is a screenshot from the Kodiak Cameras homepage. The itunes and android apps images are not linked. I drew my only conclusions and determined the camera and the app are not currently on the market. After all, the camera is dependent on the app.


Another thing that raises my concerns was the release. Commanche ran all over the internet releasing press releases. They would post sample pictures and specs in all the hunting forums. But then they never returned to answer any questions. It was an ad blitz with no real substance. They should have offered demo units to trusted members of the hunting forums and asked for an honest review.


So Kodiak please let me know when you are ready to release this wifi trail camera. I think it is a great idea and look forward to seeing how it performs on my deer lease.

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  1. Frank Schwarzmeier November 14, 2014 at 10:18 pm - Reply

    WildGame Innovations Model#x10E and the WiFi SCA1 Module Feildnet… DO NOT GET THIS CAMERA this camera is trash. The Camera does not work with the wifi you would have so much troulble with this Camera..I just got this camera and its broke and the Wifi wont work ethere on it..SAVE YOUR MONEY ..I DONT KNOW WHY THEY ARE STILL SELLING THIS TRASH

  2. JOHN September 24, 2015 at 1:02 am - Reply

    It sounded very interesting when I first read about it. Its very complicated to use and good luck calling tech support. Batteries die very fast. if I knew what I know now about this cam I would be better off buying a few normal ones out there. I regret I bought it.

  3. Robert June 5, 2016 at 1:06 pm - Reply

    This camera is crap, connecting to the camera via wifi on my phone is more complicated then it should be and is hit or miss.
    I’m back to pulling the SD card and viewing on my computer as I did with the 80 dollar camera it replaced. Could have bought three 80 dollar cameras for what I paid for this one.

  4. Danny Goss December 31, 2016 at 9:38 pm - Reply

    I was excited to open my Kodiak Wireless Trail Camera this Christmas. First, I saw that it couldn’t be used without a SD Card. I tried to buy one from Comanche Outfitters, LLC. The website said it couldn’t be mailed to my address. The next day, Comanche Putfitters emailed me that it should complete my order. There was nothing to complete, but I re-submitted it. I got another email to complete my order. Same results. So I went and bought one. They suggest eight Energizer Alkaline AA batteries. I bought them. I was having difficulty syncing my camera with my cellphone. I spent three hours following instructions (which are even worse than the camera). At the end, my eight Enetgizer Bunny Batteries are dead I emailed Kodiak Tech Support. Got it returned as undeliverable. So, I called them on the phone number for customer service. It was no longer in service. I am very unhappywith this camera and can’t get any support from Kodiak.com or Comanche Outfitters. If you haven’t purchased one of these yet, go elsewhere.

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