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thermacell reviews


thermacell reviews
Thermacells Work!!!
19,270 - 5 Star Reviews
Turkey hunters, deer hunters, campers and fisherman have been trusting Thermacells to protect them against mosquitos and the numbers don't lie.
Thermacells Control Mosquitos!!
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Bowhunting early season in the south is tough. Not because of the deer. The deer are on their late summer feeding patterns and can be fairly easy to kill…or at least close the distance.

Early season bowhunters are plagued by ticks and mosquitos. Luckily we have Permethrin that has saved us from ticks and chiggers. But what about mosquitos.

There is no way I am wearing a face net. I can\’t tell you how many hunting buddies in North and South Carolina that refuse to hunt because of Mosquitos. Apparently these hunters haven\’t tried a Thermacell 

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Thermacell Reviews and Thermacell on Amazon

Over 1000 customers have ranked the Thermacell with 4 stars on Amazon. This is an impressive endorsement because we all know that most customers don\’t take time to leave reviews.

Thermacell is a really cool device that repells mosquitos, biting flies and other aggrevating flying bugs. The core component is the repellent with active ingredient….. This chemical is basically a clone of the natural mosquito repellent found in …plants.

A few highlights from some recent Thermacell Reviews.

Thermacell on Amazon

  • These things really work. I was skeptical but after using them I can confirm they are well worth the price
  • This thing works.
  • I was really hopeful about this product after reading several reviews, but unfortunately it was ineffective.
  • I wore this during a fishing trip in a very buggy area. I was the only one who survived the weekend w/o bug bites. By the 2nd night, everyone stayed huddled around me.

How Long Does It Repel Mosquitos

The mat works for 4 hours

The rest of the Thermacell is merely a delivery system for the … panels. It is powered by butane and is capable of heating the pad. The high temperatures vaporize the active ingredient on the pad and fills the air around the hunter or fisherman.

How Long Does the Thermacell Butane Last?


Under normal use and conditions you should expect the butane supply to last between 9-12 hours. This is for one butane cartridge. So if you hunt all day on Saturday and Sunday you can burn through two cartridges. The replacement cartridges are $8 for a pair so this can get pretty expensive.

I have personally hunted in lowland North Carolina swamps that were completely infested with \”teeth with wings\”. In years past I would spend all my time swatting bugs and spooking deer. The Thermacell created a nice barrier around my stand location and made a noticable difference in the amount of mosquito air traffic. Occasionally I would have a comocosiz bomber but I have to admit the Thermacell performed like advertised.

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Thanks for reading. If you have used a Thermacell and have an opinion then we would definitely appreciate you leaving a Thermacell Review. Please also check out some of our other articles and gear reviews like the recent review of archery targets.

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  1. Billy March 28, 2018 at 12:47 am - Reply

    I aint saying this a five star review but the Thermacell works well enough for me to carry it on all my summer fishing trips and early fall hunting trips.

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