Evercalm Deer Scent Review

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Evercalm Deer Scent Review
It Works!!
Evercalm is a cover scent that helps calm nearby deer. In my experience it works exactly as describe
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I wanted to share an Evercalm Deer Scent review and provide my opinion on why I think this scent stick really works.

UPDATED 9/27/2022

Consquest Scents produces Evercalm in Davison, Michigan. Conquest Scents operates a deer farm and has brought some ingenius ideas to the deer hunting world.

Evercalm is different and that’s what makes it so special. Evercalm is a deer herd scent stick that is not associated with season, sex, attitude.

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I started deer hunting in the 1980’s. The only deer scent I remember was Tink’s 69.

Tink\’s 69 is a doe in estrous scent and has been well known bringing success during the rut. Basically Tink’s and most deer scents were estrous scents.

evercalm scent stick

Estrous scents are very expensive because they can only be collected when the doe is in heat. This also means the scents have higher success rates during breeding seasons.

Doe Estrous Scent Can Cause Problems

  • Estrous scents can alert dominant does in the area
  • Young deer can be attracted to estrous scents and spot the hunter
  • Estrous scents can cause mature bucks to get down wind
  • The Rut is the only safe time to use estrous scents

What is Evercalm Deer Scent

Evercalm Deer Scent Herd Stick is a secret recipe of everday deer scents. Normal deer smells and smells from bedding areas are combined together to create the scent of a deer herd. The smells help cover the human scent. The natural, everyday smells also help keep deer at ease. The result are deer that walk through your wind and avoid spooking. Evercalm Herd Scent can save hunts.

Best Time To Use Evercalm Deer Scent

Evercalm is not an Estrous scent. Evercalm deer herd scent stick is used at all times during the season. I use it on EVERY SINGLE HUNT.

I can’t think of a single situation where Evercalm spooked deer. This is based upon my experience using the product for every hunt for the past 3 years. I don’t hunt everyday but this is still plenty of data to support a good product.

Great Times To Use Evercalm Herd Scent

  • Checking Trail Cameras
  • Hanging Deer Stands
  • Running Drag Rags
  • As a Cover Scent
  • Setting a Ground Blind

My Evercalm Deer Scent Review

I bought my first stick of Evercalm for $20 in 2015. I was planning and packing for my Illinois bowhunt. My plans for Illinois also included my DIY ozone generator. Evercalm Deer Herd Scent works great but nothing can overcome lazy scent control.

The packaging is resealable to keep the stick fresh.

Unfortunately the resealable bag is made from the loudest plastic on the planet. Immediately dispose of the original package and replace with a ziploc sandwich bag.

As soon as you break the seal you can smell deer.

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The smell is nothing like estrous scents or other cover scents on the market. It is just a simple animal smell that is far from overwhelming.

I apply Evercalm at the base of my treestand. I also apply a small amount of Evercalm on the tree trunk above my treestand. The idea is to have cover scent across all elevations.

EverCalm Field Test in Illinois

On day two of my Illinois hunt the guide put me in a ladder stand. I normally prefer to be higher off the ground but he assured me it was a great spot. An hour before dusk I see several does and fawns approaching. It looks like they are going to pass just below my stand and downwind.

There is nothing worse than having deer snort and blow during the prime time hour. The closer the deer got the more nervous I got.

Two fawns passed just downwind of my ladder and continued to feed calmly. One doe and a fawn searched for acorns just upwind of my ladderstand.

Both the old doe and fawn passed between my ladder and the tree! The fawn actually licked the ladder where I had applied Conquest Evercalm Deer Herd Scent Stick.

Another fawn and the old doe were heading dead at my tree. Both the old doe and fawn passed between my ladder and the tree! The fawn actually licked the ladder where I had applied Conquest Evercalm Deer Herd Scent Stick.

All the does and fawns continued to feed calmly and slowly passed without alarm. I truly feel this never would have happened without Evercalm.

How Long Does a Stick of Evercalm Last

My Illinois hunting trip was really the first chance to see the positive results. I have never been disappointed with Evercalm after 3 years of testing and field trials. One stick will last most hunters the entire season.

I opened a new stick of Evercalm on September 12, 2017. I  used Evercalm on every hunt during the 2018 season. Here is a quick recap of my 2017 and the reason why I recommend Evercalm

Bowhunt in NC. 88 degrees on the late September evening hunt. 4 Does enter the food plot while quartering into my wind. The largest doe took an arrow at 18 yards.

Doe came in downwind thanks for Evercalm and good scent control strategy

November 5th still bowhunting in NC. Trying to cheat the wind that was cutting the back corner of a cut corn field. I had 15 deer pass downwind without a single alpha doe stomping, snorting or blowing.

November 11 in my favorite bottleneck. At daylight a small spike is licking the Evercalm at the base of my treestand. The spike and 5 does feed in the area for 45 minutes without being alarmed. Finally a wide 8 point came in to check out the does and gave me a 24 yard shot.

Evercalm Deer Herd Scent did not bring in my targets but it kept my targets calm. It also kept live decoys in front of my stand. You can learn more about Conquest Scents at the manufacturer’s website here.

Using Ever Calm During the Rut

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Conquest does provide an estrous scent that performs unbelievably. VS1 paired with Evercalm can provide very good results when the bucks start cruising. I will be doing a full VS1 review in the next few weeks but in the mean time you can check the price and reviews from other hunters at the link below. This package deal offers a better value than buying individually and I will add that this deal has sold out in years past so don’t wait too long.

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One stick of Evercalm lasted the entire NC deer hunting season. This is a very good value at $21.

September 2023 Deals

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  1. Billy B. July 5, 2022 at 11:45 pm - Reply

    Evercalm is definitely another weapon in my scent free protocol

  2. BigRick-Roll Tide September 27, 2022 at 5:49 pm - Reply

    I love EverCalm. Covers up your scent, calms deer down and i have never seen it spoke a deer. I use it all season on every hunt.

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