New Compound Bows for 2022

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It seems many of the major bow manufacturers are working to STREAMLINE the base builds of all bows. The hunter benefits from a more solid and noise free bow that weighs less and is more hunter friendly in the field. The manufacturer benefits by selling more accessories.

Hoyt Ventum Pro 30

The 2022 Hoyt Ventum Pro 30 and 33 are the same bow just built on different axle to axle dimensions.

Anyone can recognize the Ventum Pro with the all too familiar Hoyt riser design. The stabilizer immediately jumped out at me. Hoyt has moved the stabilizer much lower on the riser and this made a considerable change in the bows center of gravity. The bow is now more balanced and requires less stabilizer weight to achieve this balance. The 2022 Ventum Pro also has an improved back bar stabilizer mount.

The Picatinny Rail Mount System is a few feature and the rail is actually machined into the riser. This means you get more options with the reduced weight of an added picatinny rail.

Mathews V3X

Mathews Archery continues to innovate and offer hunters improvement in design and function. Mathews also continues to do a tremendous job with marketing and branding. The 2022 Mathews V3X can best be described as STREAMLINED.

New for 2022 is the Bridge-lock Sight System. This is a really cool feature that allows a dovetail sight to be mounted through the bow’s riser and completely eliminating the need for mounting hardware. I can see this providing a more stable and balanced handling and feel. I also like the idea of removing as many rattling and points of failure as possible.

2022 also brings the new Lowpro quiver built specifically for the Mathews V3X.

Bowtech SR350

I still love the look of most of the Bowtech lineup. The 2022 Bowtech SR350 just looks sexy with the big cams and the limbs that are far from parallel.

The SR350 can deliver 350fps IBO with the 33inch axle to axle. I don’t have any range time but the reviews are all favorable. The SR350 feels stable and the draw cycle doesn’t really feel like a 350fps bow.

Elite Envision

The 2022 Elite Envision has a much softer cam appearance. This is immediately reflected in the draw cycle as well as the 334fps IBO. Chasing speed is not necessary and I’ll cover that in a separate article.

The story behind the Envision is a union of the target and hunting world. Build a compact hunting bow that provides the forgiveness of a target bow. Seems simple lol. Elite designed the Envision with a longer straighter riser and wider limbs. This engineering change has moved much of the weight behind the grip and made the Envision rock solid at anchor.

The Tri Track Cam offers draw length changes in ¼” increments so this is definitely micro adjusting. The cam can also be adjusted from 70% – 90%. Don’t forget that you sacrifice speed when selecting the higher let off. Link

Bear Refine EKO

Fred Bear started it all and the archery company continues to deliver. The 2022 Bear Refine EKO is a terrific hunting bow. The Refine EKO also offers the shooter the ability to select let off points between 70%-90%.

Bear introduces the Alignlok riser technology. Within the bow\’s riser, shooters will find Bear\’s ALIGNLOK Technology which works with any bow sight to aid in aligning second and third axis levels.

Hoyt Carbon RX7 Ultra

RX7? Is this a little Mazda sportscar? Just like the Ventum, one look at the Carbon RX7 Ultra and you know this is a Hoyt Archery Bow. The 2022 Hoyt Carbon RX7 comes in two models with different ATA and brace heights. Picking the perfect model is suggestive and you just need to put some arrows down range to figure it out for yourself.

The 2022 has many of Hoyts new technology offerings like the Short Stop Stabilizer and the Inline picatinny sight system. RX7 Ultra

Building this bow with carbon means that it weighs in at less than 4 lbs which is quite a bit less than most of the other bows in our 2022 compound bow line up.

Xpedition Smoke

I am a very short draw length hunter and I have always gravitated towards faster bows. The 2022 Xpedition Smoke delivers speed in a real way.

Full Disclosure. I currently hunt with an Obsession bow which I believe was also designed by Kevin Strother

373 IBO is blazing fast! Think about running a slightly heavier hunting arrow with these cams powering the system. The 2022 Xpedition Smoke could deliver some incredible kinetic energy numbers. Xpedition website list this as a limited edition bow. I will definitely be doing a complete Xpedition Smoke review later this summer.

PSE Carbon Levitate

PSE is pulling out all the stops with the new 2022 Carbon Levitate. The carbon manufacturing process is designed to reduce vibration and noise and feel as dead in the hands as possible. PSE went with wider limbs just like the Elite Envision. This provides increased stability while in the field.


Plenty of options. PSE offers the PSE Evo XF with three different cam selections. The differences between each cam are too much to discuss here.

The 2022 PSE Evo XF specs

Bow hunters have a lot to be excited about in 2022. Bow manufacturers are investing in innovation that brings increased reliability and accuracy to our sport.

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