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The NAP Spitfire MAXX mechanical broadheads are the only broadheads that are currently in my quiver. If long winded reviews bore you. Or you have a short attention… Here are the quick highlights from my 2014 NAP SPITFIRE MAXX REVIEW.


Great Blood Trails – see video below!!!
Solid construction
Simple design
High quality blades and materials
Very Sharp
Field point flight and accuracy
No O-rings


I hunted with Grim Reapers for several years so the transition to the Spitfire was easy. They are both over the top deploying broadheads. Upon entry the blades begin to fold back into the full 1 3/4 cutting position. There are no additional o-rings, springs or devices needed to hold the blades in place.

Once deployed the blades have an offset orientation. I have to believe this plays a significant role in creating a larger wound channel.

To be completely honest I have never tried the cut on contact version. The Trophy Tip is similar to a chiesel point and performed great. Ribs and shoulder shots of my NC deer were no match.

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Spitfire is Tough and Durable

The NAP Spitfire has a very solid ferule. Shooting many deer with pass through shots have not damaged or bent the ferules in any way. This is one area where the Spitfire beats out the Grim Reaper broadheads and Rage heads. The GR ferule is much longer and I did have one bend when striking the offside shoulder.

Spitfire Maxx after pass through shot – no damage and ready for another hunt

The Picture above shows a Spitfire Maxx after a pass through. The unfortunate deer weighed about 140 lbs and then the arrow sunk up 5 to 6 inches in the dirt. A quick rinse in the sink and some leather on the blades will have this head back in the quiver in no time.

Another big difference between the NAP Spitfire and other mechanical broadheads like the Grim Reaper is the flared blade design. The wider and thicker blade ends assist in opening the blades upon impact.

Blade System Works Like a Charm

A very simple tension system is used to hold the blades in place. It is basically a simple piece of metal that applies pressure on the side of the blade. I found this system to do a very good job of keeping everything quiet while in the quiver and in flight.

This tension system and flared blades give the Spitfire the ability to leave some impressive entry holes. This is another area where the Spitfire surpasses the Grim Reaper design.

Is NAP Spitfire Maxx Accurate?

Accuracy is fantastic with the Spitfire Maxx. I made no adjustments on my HHA Optimizer when switching from GR or field points. This also holds up at distances out to 60 yards.

Does the NAP Spitfire Maxx Leave Good Blood Trails?


Now to the part everybody really wants to here. Will the NAP Spitfire Maxx kill deer and make better bloodtrails. My field testing has provided overwhelming evidence that the 1 3/4 cut will paint a trail all the way to your deer.

Blood trails are created are a combination of three things:

  • entry wound
    internal damage
    exit wound

The Spitfire Maxx produces all three and the results are documented in the pictures below. The entry and exit wounds are exactly what I look for when testing broadhead performance. There is no way a little piece of skin, fat, or organ could stop the flow of blood.

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Spitfire Means Better Blood Trails Than Muzzy

Now take a look at the following picture of a exit wound caused by a 3 blade Muzzy. Notice the small size and how easy it would be for something to stop or significantly reduce the blood trail.

Early October of 2013 found me in an oak bottom in central NC. I hoped deer would leave a near by pine thicket and work their way through the oaks. Acorns had just started falling and there were caps everywhere.

I expected to see deer but I never expected to see them only 20 minutes after getting set up. One of our hit list deer pushed a group of does of the pines. The big fork horn had been on camera for several years and my hunting buddies agreed that he could be taken out. He posed for a 20 yard quartering away shot and below are the results.


Mid November and a cold morning helped me test the Spitfire on another unsuspecting victim. A complete pass through created two easily followed blood trails. One trail on the entry side and one trail on the exit side.

5 yard shot so entry wound is high and exit is the armpit

Here is a picture of the point of impact as seen from the treestand. The deer only ran 40 yards but I was able to follow the blood trail with my naked eyes from the stand. Below is a cell phone video of the Spitfire Maxx blood trail. Not a very exciting video but I think it helps any that is trying to decide if they should buy/shoot the NAP Spitfire Maxx.


NAP Spitfire Maxx Review Conclusion

So let\’s sum things up and finish out this Spitfire Maxx review. I really like this mechanical broadhead. Just for clarification – I don\’t like the 1 1/2inch version. I continue to use and continue to recommend this great broadhead to my hunting buddies.


The design is simple and dependable. I have never had an issue with the blades come loose or making noise. All my entry wounds have been massive and this means the blades are deploying like intended. Most importantly, all the blood trails have been great and the blood always ended at a dead deer. This is the most important test and the NAP Spitfire Maxx has produced a lot of successful tracking projects.

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  1. Eddie August 6, 2015 at 8:19 pm - Reply

    I noticed that I are an advocate of the grim reaper as well. I just finished reading your review. I will ask the same question here. I shoot a full throttle with an ibo rating of 370. Reality probably 340. Would premature opening be an issue? Also would my sons 45# diamond core be better shooting fixed or mechanical and what grain, 75, 85, or 100? Thanks in advance.

  2. jacques beliveau December 12, 2016 at 12:58 am - Reply

    Can you tell me if you supply a 100 gr spitfire for crossbows with a velocity of 360 fps.

    Your support is appreciated.


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