NAP Broadheads 2022

NAP Broadheads For 2022

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NAP Broadheads for 2022
Summer is a great time for target practice to boost confidence and get more comfortable. It is also a great time to do equipment changes like arrow or broadheads. We have been shooting the Spitfire for years and thought this might be a good time to do a quick review of the New Archery Product Broadheads for 2022.

Let’s start with the Spitfire since it is one of my favorites. You may recall that I switched over to the Spitfire because of the success I had with the Grim Reaper Razortips. The entire 2022 NAP Spitfire lineup is made in America with high quality materials and craftsmanship.

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Spitfires blade retention is maintained by a very simple tension spring design. I have never had any retention system failures that resulted in early or late deployment.

Spitfires are available in devasting wound channel cutting diameters of 1 1/2” to 2”. All models are equipped three heavy blades. I tend to be pretty boring and stick to what I am familiar with but NAP does offer many different options in feral and blade design.



SpitFire Maxx and XXX
The Spitfire Maxx flies true and leaves big holes 1 ¾” or 2”. I never had any issue with penetration and always found the blood trail to be substantial. The Maxx is highly rated everywhere and you can read find my detailed review HERE.

SpitFire 3 TI
I have these backordered and excited to try this broadhead. The sleek one piece ferrule of the Spitfire 3 TI looks wicked. 1 ½” cutting diameter is more than enough for any whitetail in North America.

NAP Spitfire D4 Broadhead
NAP D4 Hybrid Broadhead

The D4 is a new hybrid design from NAP and looks nothing like the Spitfire. Perpendicular to the ferrule is a pivoting main blade. This blade does maintain a razor sharp edge to set as a pilot for the wound channel. The engineers allowed this blade freedom of movement so the broadhead could maintain momentum when encountering bone.

Two rear deploying blades immediately follow the main pivoting blade. The retention system appears to be the same tried and true system adopted from the Spitfire.
The hybrid design gives the D4 an incredible 1 ¾” diameter four blade powered blood trail.

I think Rage created the two blade market but the NAP Killzone has found quite the following. Thank goodness NAP was able to build a 2” cut Killzone without rubberbands or any other ridiculous devise to hold the blades in place.

NAP Quadcutter Broadhead
NEW for 2022 – NAP Quadcutter

You know I have to throw in at least one fixed blade broadhead for all the fixed blade or one piece lovers. I think I might have killed my first archery deer with a Thunderhead way back in the 90s….
The Quadcutter is a short ferrule four blade design that seems to be similar to the Slick Trick. We all know the four blade broadheads create a real hole of a wound channel. The cutting diameter is only 1 3/16” but the damaged area is significant.

I am waiting the NAP Quadcutter to come back in stock and I’ll be giving them some time on the range

Year after Year NAP continues to deliver a reliable product and continued innovation. Most hunters love the trusted reliability because they don’t feel like turning a trophy animal into a science experiment. Please let us know if you have any feedback on the NAP 2022 Broadhead lineup or let us know if there is a model we should have included.

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