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Carbomask Face Camo Review
So Much Better Than Traditional Face Paint
Carbomask is light weight and easy to remove.
Easy to Remove
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When I am bowhunting I always prefer to use camo face paint. In fact I recently outlined why camo face paint is better than face masks. But a lot of you are calling BS because you know how aggravating it can be to wash off face paint. This season I stumbled across Carbomask and so far it is the best camo face paint that I have used.

This Ain’t Makeup

The past 3 bow seasons have left me searching for a decent camo face paint. I have been using Hunter\’s Specialties Camo Creme. The HS Creme went on nice and smooth. Getting good patterns and full coverage was easy.

The problem was not the look, feel or application. The problem is the removal. All the camo on the market is advertised as easy removal. That is just an outright lie.

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Carbomask Really is Easy Removal

Easy removal lies was really frustrating in my search for a good camo face paint. I had actually grown numb to the marketing because it was all a bunch of lies. My search slowly transitioned from \”paid reviews\” or \”sponsored posts\” to real hunting forums full of real deer hunters.

Carbomask is the 100% easy to remove. A wet wipe in my truck is more than enough for removal. If you are using water and a little soap removal is even much easier. No scrubbing or scrapping is needed. This stuff just wipes right off. Sensitive skin is safe and untouched with Carbomask.

Applying this face paint is also easy. It goes on slightly wet and spreads easily.

Carbomask on the Right – HS Creme on the Left

As you can see in the pictures above, Carbomask can be removed quickly and easily with just water. The Hunters Specialties Camo Creme just smears around.

The Carbomask on the right comes off easily with water. HS Creme is greasy and just smears

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Carbomask is a waterbased paint of a mixture of activated charcoal and natural clays. This means it goes on slightly wet and then dries to a light glare free finish. This stuff provides a great natural look. No greasy glare and the dried product helps you blend into the forest. It is also promised to control scent but I am not going to make any claims in this area.

Carbomask Stays Put

I bowhunted in NC during September and October of 2014 and it was hot. Unfortunately I broke into a sweat during several trips to the stand. Fortunately I never had any issue with Carbomask smearing or running.

Carbomask Should Rethink the 3.5 Package

The 3.5 ounce package appears more like a stick of deodirant. I am really not sure why they picked this packaging but it is the only think i don\’t like about the product. The smaller tubes work great and are easy to use but the 3.5 ounce tube is cumbersome. Plus it is really difficult to completely empty the container. Hopefully the owners will come out with a more traditional tube type packaging.

How Much Does It Cost

Carbomask can currently only be purchased directly from the manufacturer. It is not available on Amazon or other online shops. Carbomask is still available from the manufacturer but it is also listed on Amazon. I bet some of the best archery shops and small hunting stores probably carry this great product.

Here are your color options:

  • Shadow Black
  • Hunter Green
  • Earth Brown
  • Wolf Gray
  • Desert Tan
  • Sagebrush Green

Size and Price Options

  • 3.5 ounces at $12.99
  • 1.5 ounces at $6.99

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Click the picture above to view the three color kit for $14.99 with Free Shipping!

Some hunting buddies have offered a few alternatives to commercial camo face paints. These included burnt wine corks or water color paints. The problem with these is sensitive skin and potential scent control issues. I am very pleased with Carbomask and will continue to use it during all my bowhunts. If you have used camo face paints in the past but the removal process turned you away. Then I would encourage you to give Carbomask a try.

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