5 Great Archery Targets

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Archery is a game of reputition just like golf. The more practice is directly proportional to improvement with accuracy. Having a full 3d target course is not feasible for everyone so let\’s take a quick look at some other options like cubes and bag targets.

An archery target is primarily responsible for stopping arrows or bolts. It isn\’t rocket science but providing stopping power for several years is more than you can expect from some of the cheaper solutions. Materials of construction and manufacturing methods play a huge role into the longetivity of the targets. Here is a list of 5 of the best archery targets for the money. This is all about cubes and bags because we will look at 3d targets in another review.


Stop arrows
Stop crossbow bolts
Cost Effective – AKA Best Price
Easy Removal

Hurricane Bag Target

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The Hurricane bag target is available in 3 sizes to accomadate any situation. You can choose between a 20in, 25in or 28in model that will work well traveling on the road or at deer camp. The double sided target offers spots for fine tuning and deer vitals for the situational practice. Neither of the sides targets match up for added durability. Try to limit exposure to sun and the elements and this target will last for many seasons. Best of all it is made in the USA.

Morrell 131 Double Duty

Another great bag target is the Morrell 131 double duty. It passes as double duty because it can handle all of the modern speed bows and crossbows. The high tech target is rated to 450fps which covers basically anything slinging an arrow. The target is equipped with four sides that offer deer vitals, spots and target games. This target comes highly rated on Amazon with a 4.5 average rating after an unbelievable 700 reviews.

[easyazon_link identifier=\”B002UIZWTE\” locale=\”US\” nw=\”y\” nf=\”y\” tag=\”deepro-20\” popups=\”y\”]Hover link for best price on Morrell Double Duty[/easyazon_link]

Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme

The Yellow Jacket Supreme is another great product from Morrell. This is much different from the Double Duty target because of the slimmer profile. You only have two shooting sides but the target is much smaller. The Yellow Jacket has no trouble stopping all arrows while still offering two finger removal. Morrell makes all their products in the US.

Block Classic[easyazon_infoblock align=\”right\” identifier=\”B06Y5Q448W\” key=\”image\” locale=\”US\” nw=\”y\” nf=\”y\” tag=\”deepro-20\”]

Lets face it, every TV hunting show is interrupted by a Block Target commercial. The company has done a great job marketing a great product. The block target in my garage has been shot by 1000s of field points and broadheads and is still going strong. The multilayer design set the archery world on it\’s rear. Easy removal was one of the biggest revelations.

Rinehart 18

The Rinehart 18 is a cool little dice like target. It seems like the perfect target to throw in the bed of the truck and take to deer camp. It does a great job handling field tips and broadheads. You can also make it i a yardage judging game by throwing the target across the yard.

The DeerPros staff have presonally researched the archery targets listed in our list. The research includes shooting and using the targets and also shifting through thousands of other archery target reviews. I believe that any of the products above can meet the needs of any situation.

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