3 Reasons To Shoot Doe Early

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The topic normally sets off quite a heated debate. Folks on both sides of the discussion feel strongly about their reasons. I believe I have some decent ammo but you\’ll have to be the judge. So let\’s talk about why I think shooting doe early in the season is best. Just so eveyone understands, by early I am referring to anytime before November or before the rut hits in your area.

After deer season goes out you are just trying to live through winter. Soon enough spring is here and turkeys start to gobble. Many deer hunters spend their weekends chasing turkeys. This is definitely helpful in keeping your skills sharp. But the season is short and golf and fishing take over during the summer.

Get Rid of the Jitters!

This may not apply to all hunters but shooting doe early can be a great way to knock the dust off for bow hunters. Bow season comes in during September or October in much of the whitetails range. Being able to pull back on a doe will give you confidence and settle your buck fever jitters.

Doe, Fawn, Button Buck or Buck that already shed antlers?

Is that a doe or a fawn? Let\’s face it deer hunters are becoming more and more focused on quality deer management. If you are managing your deer hunting lease or family farm for trophy bucks then you probably don\’t want to shoot button heads. You might think you are shooting a doe and actually end up with a knot head. By shooting does early in the season will you easily be able to distinguish between a doe and a fawn. The longer you wait the harder it is to tell. The button heads get bigger and coats get thicker.image source

When the days get shorter and temps drop deer hunters get excited about the rut. The rut is the special time when bucks loose inhibitions and start wondering around in daylight looking for love. Anytime after Halloween you could catch a big buck chasing a doe. If you go ahead and punch your doe tag early you can set your sights on big daddy.


The Rut is for Buck Tags

Some hunters will argue that killing does will alert the bucks of danger. By going into an area and shooting does you are definitely adding scent and noise to the area. I believe the best tactic to shoot does outside of your buck areas. Hunt the fringes so the chances of alerting the buck is reduced.

What do you think?

My views and ideas are not perfect but I believe they have merit. I would love to hear your thoughts so please leave a comment and let us know your opinion on killing doe early.


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  1. JAMES SHEPPARD SR. October 15, 2013 at 7:25 pm - Reply

    Deer live in the woods 24/7 365 days a year? If they live that long? To harvest a deer? you must go where the deer are?
    Remember anything you take into the woods? bring back out.
    The average deer kill will net about 50 to 70 pounds of Venison
    A Deer killed by a hunter is a much quicker kill than it Starving
    to death. Over population of deer causes more road kill’s and
    damage and death to cars/trucks and human drivers. it even makes your vehicle insurance rates go higher. more people are overweight today than ever? what do they eat? fast food? Venison is Lean meat and better for your health.
    would you rather see a deer road killed and spread out over the highway?or Not see it? for it’s in your neighbor’s freezer,
    The day may come & soon that you need to know how to harvest game, butcher it, eat it? moderation is the key, don’t
    under or over kill. do it like the Indians used to do.

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