My Two Favorite Deer Hunting Apps

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\"scoutlookDeer hunting apps are becoming more and more popular.  It seems like everybody has a smartphone like the iphone or android phone.  A lot of articles promise to provide the \”12 best deer hunting apps\” or \”must have deer hunting apps\”.  I am going to share only those apps that I use everyday.

Scoutlook Weather

The Scoutlook Weather app is probably the first deer hunting app that I installed.  The idea of being able to have all my stand locations saved on my phone was very appealing.  Let\’s take a look at Scoutlook and how to set it up.
  1. Create an account at
  2. Zoom in the map to your hunting area
  3. Drag the marker to your stand location(see picture)
  4. Name the spot and give it a description
\"ScoutlookYou\’re done.  Now rinse and repeat for all your stand locations.  I normally do this from my laptop computer just because it is easier to navigate and type as compared to my phone.
Grab your iPhone or Android phone and install Scoutlook Weather.  Below are the download links.
[one_half]Android Version[/one_half] [one_half_last]Iphone Version[/one_half_last]
Launch the hunting app and entry your login information.  This is the same account information from your computer.  Your phone will now be synced and all stand locations can be accessed by your phone.
Now that you have marked your locations you can view weather, wind direction, and solunar information for each spot.  The scent cone is the feature I really depend on.  It shows you the current wind direction and then you have the ability to step forward in one hour increments.  This is a great feature.  Fooling a deer\’s nose is tough and this app has helped me kill several nice bucks.


Tapatalk is a message board app for interacting with forums.  It makes viewing and commenting in deer hunting forums much easier.  Practically every state has a good hunting forum.  Like minded folks can get together and talk about deer sightings and strategies and hopefully brag about a trophy.
Keeping up with deer movement and rut activity is much easier.  Being able to read and browse the forums definitely helps pass time while spending long sits in the blind.

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