Big Buck Charges Hunter

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This video is really amazing.



Bowhunters are on their hunting lease and stumble across two giant bucks that are locked up.  The brave hunters free the buck and then!!….Well watch the video

Chad Yousey and Joey King are bowhunting in Oklahoma City when they find these two big bucks locked up.  And by Oklahoma City..we mean the city.  Apparently this is a small block of woods in an urban area of Oklahoma City.

If you don\’t have any patience you can jump right to the action by pressing the right arrow under the deer hunting video.  Pressing the button will skip forward to the point when the bucks are separated and then again to see the tired victor charge the hunters.

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One Comment

  1. Jerry November 1, 2013 at 9:47 pm - Reply

    Those dudes are not brave…

    they’re stupid!!!

    after the buck gets loose they should have left it alone. they are lucky they didn’t get those long tines through their arses

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