Wisconsin Buck Kill Shot Captured on Trail Camera Video

This is a really rare bowhunting video. Most hunters will never have a chance to see a buck this big. So when you get a chance to draw back you better make it count. But you really got lucky when you find out your trail camera captured the whole thing in HD video.

\"scott-hove-deer-hunting-video\"Scott Hove is the bowhunter responsible for the short lives of several Wisconsin bucks. I learned about him and his successful career in June 2014 NAW issue. He attributes Lucky Buck Minerals and lots of scouting at the keys to killing big deer.

The video starts with some background of the hunt. You can use the right arrow to skip this and get straight to the hunting part of the video. Roughly around 40 seconds. Scott makes a great 23 yard shot and the rest is history.

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  1. lucky bucket is a minerial bait and illegal in wisconsin

  2. minerials are illegal in Wisconsin did I just watch a self confession of poaching

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