Simply Amazing Archery Skills


Summertime is for hanging deer stands and practicing with your bow. Bow hunting is tough and it is important to stay sharp. I normally practice 50 yard shots because it helps me be more confident during hunting situations. Tim Wells takes bow hunting practice to a whole new level.

Doves are hard to hit with a shotgun!! Now try to kill one with a bow!

Tim is able to consistently bring down fast flying doves with his Mathews Monster and shooting instinctively.

Just check out the video….Amazing

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  1. The reason I got into archery is that my uncles neighbor used to kill doves on the wing with a barebow longbow. He became my mentor. I was 14 yrs old. Great shooting

  2. Holy crap. That is the best shooting I have ever seen. I am going out in the backyard and shoot some doves off the bird feeder

  3. I can barely hit a deer much less a little dove that is flying 30mph. That guy has some hand to eye coordination

  4. That’s a really impressive video. I’d like to find out what kind of practice targets he was shooting at. I’m guessing they were moving pretty fast too.

  5. How many arrows has he lost?

  6. i shot a fly out of the air once with my bow

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