My October 2014 Bow Kill

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This is my latest self filmed hunt from North Carolina. You might say this is hot off the presses. It was a beautiful afternoon  and this deer came by with plenty of filming light left. It may not be the newest model but the Canon HF G10 is great for filming hunts.

The deer got directly downwind and spent more than 10 minutes feeding on acorns. Occasionally it would scent check the air and could tell something was different but never got alarmed. If I was not as careful with my scent control habits this deer would have never presented a shot. You are never going to be able to completely eliminate all your scent but you can limit it significantly.

About This Hunt:

Where:  central North Carolina

When:  Oct 30, 2014 in the evening

Food Source:  Acorns

Weather:  mid 60\’s with light NorthWest winds


Here is a quick list of my scent control habits before each and every hunt;

  • All clothes washed in unscented soap
  • All clothes dried with no fabric softeners
  • Backpacks and Safety vest aired out

All the above goes into a large plastic container for the ride the deer lease. I always get dressed right before entering the woods. My hunting boots never see a gas station or convenience store parking lot.

Anyway, the deer mingled around and finally gave me a broadside shot. The arrow penetrated fully to the must have broken the offside shoulder because the deer was chest down for 50 yards. Should shots are bound to happen and I was still very pleased with the Nap Spitfire Maxx performance. The bloodtrail was easy to follow and a dead deer is always a positive review.

I still have over 30 minutes of video to compile and edit but I wanted to get the short version posted. Filming deer hunts is a blast and I would encourage everyone to give it a try. I am working on several how to film guides at this time but if you have any questions please post them in the comments section below.


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  1. John Lindsey October 23, 2015 at 6:51 am - Reply

    Hello Jeff,
    I just found your site this evening as I searched for trail camera reviews. I found your information about trail cameras very helpful. Thank you. I watched a video of you killings a doe and I noticed the arrow penetration was not very deep. I can only speculate, but I bet the main issue is arrow weight and design. A man by the name of Ed Ashby has conducted extensive research on arrow design and lethality and I recommend that all bowhunters read his research and follow his recommendations. I shoot a 55# recurve with 650 grain total weight carbon arrow. The 100 grain brass insert and 255 grain Grizzly single bevel broadhead give the arrow about 25% FOC (forward of center) weight distribution. Reading Ashby’s study will clarify why I designed my arrow this way. Thanks again for creating this site. I look forward to digging around for more tips and recommendations.

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