Big Ohio Bow Buck Self Filmed Hunt

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This is a great self filmed hunt from a bowhunter in Ohio.  The video is around 11 minutes so if you are pressed for time be sure to use the video controls directly underneath the video player.  I have bookmarked the kill shot so all you guys that like to skip to the money shot can use the forward arrow to save time.

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Filming Hunts Requires Patience and Composure

I like this bowhunting video a lot!  Self filming is extremely tough.  You have to be dedicated to carry in camcorder, camera arm, fluid head, microphone and all the other gear that goes with videoing a hunt.  The preparation prior to the hunt takes time.  The additional load and time to set up can be require you to be in the stand 30 minutes earlier than normal.

\"self-filmed-ohio-bow-hunt-2012\"In this video Tod is committed to getting the shot on film.  For over 6 minutes he has a 160inch deer within bow range while he concentrates on getting quality footage.  His patience is tremendous.  There were several times he could have rushed his shot but he maintained composure.

[message type=\”info\”]Remember you can press the right arrow button under the video to skip forward and get right to the action.[/message]

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