Bad Luck Bowhunter

Last Updated: May 28, 2018By

One of visitors shared this video from facebook. I have never been on Facebook and after all the privacy issues I don\’t plan on joining.

Lee Ellinburg quietly connected to his Lifeline and slipped into his tree stand. Before he could pull his bow up the biggest buck of his life shows up!

To make matters even worse, the big buck actually steps over his bow. Unbelievable!!

I can sympathize with this poor sole. In the mid 90s I was hunting northwester PA during the first week of November. It was cold and I wore gloves and a heavier coat that I usually wore. A very nice 8 point approached my stand and I started to prepare for the shot. That is when I realized the head of my release aid had come unscrewed and was laying at the bottom of the tree. What a totally hopeless feeling.

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