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How Do I Find Deer Hunting Land

Everyday I am asked

\”How do I find deer hunting land?\”

\”Is your deer hunting club accepting members?\”

\”Where do I find hunting land to lease?\”

Helping Hunters Find Land


Deer Hunting Land For Lease

Deer Pros has comfirmed this is a focus for most of our visitors. The gear reviews and tactics are helpful but land, leases and qdma keep bringing readers back.

The comments section in the hunting lease category is becoming overloaded with landowners.

The NEW Classifieds section is intended to fill the gap of the comments section and allow landowners a place to post their land, farms and ranches for lease.

Helping Landowners Find Quality Leasees

Posting in the classifieds is free for everyone.

The only requirement is registering on the site and confirming your email.

Posting Deer Hunting Land Classifieds Is Free

  • Landowners are not charged brokerage fees.
  • Landowners can charge deer hunters a fare market value.
  • Hunters are not charged to browse the listings of land and farms.
  • Deer Hunters pay less for land because they are not paying broker markups.

How Do I Post Land for Lease

  1. Register
  2. Post your hunting land for lease
  3. Post your hunting club membership

If you have any trouble just use the contact form or post a question in the forum

What Do I Need to Include

Posting a classified ad for land for lease is very easy. The submission form request much of the interesting information about the land.

Title Should Show Acres and State

In general provide as much information as possible. Hunters will want to know abou all the major land features and amenities. Be sure to list the state and acres of the huntin gland lease in the title. This will share your classifieds with the appropriate audience.

Price of The Hunting Land Lease

The price should be listed as dollars per acre and also total price. Hunting land prices is subjective just like real estate pricing. You can read about hunting lease prices and if you have additional questions then please contact us via the contact form.

Be sure to list how many acres you are listing. The number acres is important for hunters trying to determine

Forest Type Of the Hunting Lease

You should describe the forest type as clearly as possible. Help the potential hunters understand the percentage of open area, hardwoods and pines as easily as possible. Include an aerial photo of the land if possible. uploads are free

Water Is Important In a Hunting Land Lease

Water is very important to wildlife like deer so be sure to list water sources like creeks, ponds, lakes, rivers, swamps, etc…

Ag Fields and Food Plots


Deer need to eat so be sure to list food sources that are available on your land and farm. This is a good time to mention mast food sources like acorns, apples and persimmons. Corn fields are a very popular early season food source. Soy beans are super popular in early season and also become popular again in late season. Be sure to list these ag resources in your hunting land classifieds listing.

Post Images of The Hunting Club or Hunting Lease

Posting images are free and very helpful to the viewers. Please let us know if you need help posting images.

Success Photos


Don\’t be affraid to post pictures of deer that have been harvested on your land or in your hunting club. This is a great way to let future members know of the potential opportunities available.

Deer Hunting Land Lease Classifieds

Search for land –> HERE

View existing listings for a better idea of how to post your property –> HERE

List your deer hunting club to attract more members  —> Available Hunt Club Listings


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