2018 Weyerhaeuser Hunting Leases Available

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I just received an email from Weyerhaeuser letting me know that 2018 hunting leases will be coming available next week.

Leases become available on June 26th at 8am so start researching and act fast.


Weyerhaeuser controls a huge amount of land in the southeast. This is a great opportunity for deer hunters in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Arkansas, Virginia and West Virginia. There are also several land tracts for lease in Michigan.

I browsed the listings very quickly and the deer hunting leases seemed to be $7 and $10 per acre.


I would imagine most of the leases are primarily soft wood plantations but you never know.

Here are the rules and details from the email;

  • Leases may be requested starting Tuesday, June 26, 2018 at 8:00 AM, EST
  • Properties listed on the website are under an initial preview period.
  • You may visit properties at your convenience. You do not need prior approval.
  • All lease requests must be made online.
  • To request a lease, click the \”Lease Now\” button next to the available lease on June 26, 2018 at 8:00 AM, EST
  • If a property disappears from the website, it is no longer available to lease.
  • Most questions regarding leasing available properties are addressed in our FAQs, Resources link on our website, or by viewing the maps posted next to the available lease offering.

You may access all available leases on the Weyerhaeuser Recreation Land Listing Website

I do not have any experience in dealing with Weyerhaeuser. I talked a friend this week that leases from Weyerhaeuser in Jones County NC and he said \”the land is just ok, I don\’t have a lot of hope for a big buck there are plenty of deer on the lease\”. He does most of his hunting from a Primos Double Bull SurroundView because it is a mix of young pines and clear cut.


Reviews and Feedback

I would love to hear some feedback on Weyerhaeuser land and any feedback on dealing with Weyerhaeuser. Please feel free to leave your remarks or questions below.

Good Luck


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