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GoPro is a good 2nd camera. GoPro is a GREAT POV camera!

The GoPro is arguably one of the most popular camcorders in recent history but it is not the right choice for filming hunts. It is designed to capture all the action. The size and weight makes it the perfect choice for surfers, mountain bikers, offroaders, snorkeling and deer hunters.

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Is GoPro Good For Deer Hunting?

Not Really…Limited focal length is the main problem with the GoPro. It is not capable of zooming in your target. Any attempt to film a hunt leaves a lot to desired. Anything beyond 10 yards will lack detail and focus.

Below is just one example video from a GoPro. The camcorder is mounted on the deer hunters head and the deer is approximately 40 yards away. I was unable to see the doe until after the shot. The video is clear and the quality is fine but the problem is the zoom.

The video is set to start at 1:30 which is about 20 seconds before the shot.  Can you see the deer??

The audio also lacks the strength of a more conventional deer hunting camcorder Canon HF G10. It does a great job picking up sounds in the treestand but that is where it stops.

GoPro Mounts for Hunting

The GoPro has a ton of cool mounts. These mounts make it very easy to hook the camera on the deer stand, bow holder, compound bow or even the gun.

GoPro is Perfect for POV

With a wide angle view, short focus and variety of mounts the GoPro is perfect for being a POV camera. The POV(point of view) is the perfect addition to a larger camcorder. Video from the POV can be used in the final editing process to show what the hunter is doing before and during the shot. It can really make for an exciting deer hunting video.

Here are some ideas for the GoPro POV camera

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  • Mount on the bow facing the target
  • Mount on the bow facing the hunter
  • Mount on the scope facing the deer
  • Mount on a limb above the stand to film the hunter
  • Mount on a scrape to film a close up of the deer

So if you already have a GoPro please put it to use. If you are thinking about buying one be sure you already have a main hunting camcorder. Several models and vintages are available and there are really some good deals on the GoPro available.

GoPro Feedback

Do you have a cool way to use the GoPro?  Please leave it in the comments below.

Have you recorded a deer hunt with your GoPro?  Leave a link in the comments below

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  1. Joseph vaughan March 17, 2016 at 9:05 pm - Reply

    Gopro Hero 4 has 4 k video capability which in post editing you can zoom in without pixelation. I agree that for the most part they should be used as second angle cameras.

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