\"HuntingClaim Your Hunting Gear Discounts

For most of us times are tight and we are trying every way possible to stretch a dollar. Rising deer lease agreements are the norm because of shrinking availability and more competition. Gas prices continue to climb so every trip to lease just adds to the total expense of our deer hunting hobby. Deer Pros recognizes these stresses on budgets and have come up with several ways to reward our members with discount coupons.

Hunting Gear Discounts – Free and Easy

Beating Down Minimum Advertised Pricing(MAP)

Most of our manufacturers enforce Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP). This means that ALL vendors must not advertise the product below the specified MAP level. If you see a store selling gear 50% below all other stores on the web then you can beat they are not an authorized dealer. Such a ridiculous discount would also have me concerned about receiving a refurbished model.

Get Rewarded with Discounts

Deer Pros rewards our ACTIVE members with coupons and discounts that bring prices below allowable MAP pricing levels. We are an authorized dealer for all our products and all our products are backed by manufacturers warranty. We would never risk loosing our relationship with our suppliers and especially our Customers. We could charge a yearly membership fee like some companies but the whole purpose is to save you money! I think we have found several very easy and fun ways for you the customer to claim some big discounts on all your hunting gear. Let\’s take a look at the possibilites.

\"SocialCash In with Facebook

Facebook is now the most visited site in the universe and many of you have a Facebook page. You might be checking in with high school buddies or keeping up with family and the grandkids. With one little click of the Facebook share button you can immediately receive a discount coupon and free shipping. Look for the social sharing buttons under the product description and share with your family to have the discount coupon placed in your shopping cart

Get Discounts From the Forum

So you hate Facebook and would never have a page, No Problem. Registering in the Deer Hunting Forum is easy and provides many benefits other than the immediate discount coupon. Members of the forum have free access to a photo gallery where they can post hunting and trail camera pictures. Activity in the forum is tracked and active users are rewarded with even more coupons. Many of these coupons are stackable and can be used together. This means big savings on items like trail cameras, rifle scopes, treestands and range finders. Ain\’t it great to get rewarded for just talking about something you love!



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