Primos Double Bull SurroundView Review

Primos Double Bull SurroundView Review I know a lot of internet readers like to get straight to the point so I\’ll post a quick table that summarizes our Primos Double Bull SurroundView review. Video From The Hunters ViewPoint in the SurroundView Blind This interactive YouTube video offers you control of …

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Evercalm Deer Scent Review

I wanted to share an Evercalm Deer Scent review and provide my opinion on why I think this scent stick really works. UPDATED 9/27/2022 Consquest Scents produces Evercalm in Davison, Michigan. Conquest Scents operates a deer farm and has brought some ingenius ideas to the deer hunting world. Evercalm is …

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Best Flashlights for Deer Hunting 2018

A good flashlight is one of the most important pieces of hunting gear aside from your weapon. Deer hunting requires entering and exiting the hunting area before sunrise and after sunset. In this article we are going to guide you through selecting the best hunting flashlight of 2018 for your …

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Thermacell Reviews – We Love Em

thermacell reviews

  Bowhunting early season in the south is tough. Not because of the deer. The deer are on their late summer feeding patterns and can be fairly easy to kill…or at least close the distance. Early season bowhunters are plagued by ticks and mosquitos. Luckily we have Permethrin that has saved …

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Alps Traverse EPS Review with Video

Deer hunting in general can require a lot of gear. You need a grunt call, doe bleat, flash light, knife, emergency kit, ammo…etc. If you are bowhunting if might take even more gear like releases and a bow holder. Then if you are crazy like me and decide to self …

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