Egyptian Wheat Food Plot Screen

Deer hunters that consistently kill big bucks every year will tell you that entry and exit of the farm is the huge factor. Bumping a mature buck one time is likely to run it onto the neigbors farm. Experts like Adam Hayes and Bill Winke use ditches and old creeks …

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Field Scoring Whitetail Deer Made Easy – Video

Scoring whitetails takes practice and scoring them very quickly in the field takes a lot of practice. But with this system and these tips you can get pretty dang close. The video above details an accurate and easy way to score deer quickly in the field. The article below goes into …

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Trail Camera Captures Deer Antler Growth

Whitetail deer are prized and pursued for their antlers.  Hunters spend countless hours each year looking for a mature buck with large or unique antlers.  Many hunters also extend their season by searching for shed antlers in the spring.  In both pursuits of antlers, hunters have begun to enlist the …

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