10 Amazing Deer Pictures – You May Not Believe

world record six point whitetail deer

A little boredom during off season had me searching Pinterest for cool deer pictures. You can share socially with the buttons at the bottom of the post or share the url. 10 – Dead Deer In A Tree WTH?? I really have no background on the story behind the picture …

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Father\’s Day 2018 – Gifts For Deer Hunters

deer hunting fathers day gift ideas

Father\’s Day 2018 will fall on Sunday June 17th 2018. Our fathers are all important to us and we need to make them feel special on father\’s day. My father played a huge role in exposing me to the outdoors. I remember how excited I was the day before opening …

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Deer Car Crash Video from Russia

This is not a whitetail but it is a deer so I thought it qualified. We have all seen deer standing on the side of the road but hopefully you don\’t see them on your Windshield!! This is not a hunting video or a bowhunting video but I thought it …

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The Ugly Side of Urban Archery

Deer are probably some of the most adaptive animals in North America.  Subdivisions, city parks and greenways provide plenty of cover and food.  I live in Charlotte and deer tracks are a common site in my yard.  We rarely ever see them in daylight but fresh tracks prove deer are …

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My Two Favorite Deer Hunting Apps

Deer hunting apps are becoming more and more popular.  It seems like everybody has a smartphone like the iphone or android phone.  A lot of articles promise to provide the \”12 best deer hunting apps\” or \”must have deer hunting apps\”.  I am going to share only those apps that …

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2013 Deer Hunting Sweepstakes Contest

UPDATED: 9/13/2013 I am feeling lucky and just entered every 2013 deer hunting sweepstakes contest I could find. In hopes of scoring some good karma I decided to share the contest info and a few tips with y\’all. Today we are going to show you how to enter dozens of …

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State Sponsored Deer Hunting Clinics

I love deer hunting and hopefully it comes across abundantly clear in my stories and tips on this site. My dad and I spend a lot of time with each other chasing deer. My boys are reaching the age they can join us. Hunting with family and friends is one …

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