Why Face Paint is Better Than Face Mask

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I am going to share my opinion on why I think face paint is much better than a face mask. I am also going to tell you how using one or the other will dramatically improve your deer killing success.


Deer hunters spend a ton of money on their favorite camo clothing. Most of the time they have a favorite brand of camo and a favorite camo pattern. This is not an article about the camo. It really cracks me up when they they have camo from head to toe but leave their faces completely uncovered.

If you don\’t use face paint or a mask you should your big round pale face stands out like a sore thumb in the fall woods. Deer can recognize the face, mouth and eyes from hundreds of yards. A big white face glaring in the morning sun is keeping deer out of bow range.

Your head is constantly scanning the woods for deer movement. This movement is going to be easy to spot if you are not camoflauging your face. When I am bowhunting my personal preference is face paint.

My buddies pick on me and call me \”Tackleberry\” you know the Rambo cop from Police Academy. They think I am nuts for painting my face before each hunt. They joke and laugh until they show back up at camp and see me with another bow kill.


  • Cooler during early/warmer season hunts
  • No pinching
  • No constant adjustments
  • No need to move mask into position when deer are spotted
  • Does not impair archer\’s anchor point


  • You must wash it off after the hunt

Face Mask are Hot!

Face paint is much more comfortable than a mask. A face mask is never breathable and my face always gets hot. So now you have to pull your mask down below your chin to cool off. This is a double whammy. You are creating extra movement to pull the mask down and your shinny face is no longer camouflaged.

Face Mask are Not Comfortable

It might just be me  but I hate having stuff around my face and ears. The elastic of face masks have always just aggravated me to death. Finding a mask that fits perfect is not easy. All of this pinching and irritation just leads to more movement. A hunters ability to sit still and watch for deer is the real cornerstone for success. Using a face mask that must be lifted in to place after a deer is spotted is just asking for trouble.

Face Paint Makes Better Anchors

Most bowhunters will agree that a solid anchor is fundamental for accurate and consistent shooting. A face mask seems to impair my ability to get a comfortable repeatable anchor. Even the ultra thin masks and head nets made the anchor contact between my hand and jaw just a little \”off\”. I am sure you could get over this by practicing with your mask on but I doubt that anyone would go to that much trouble.

Soap Is Required

The cleanup is the only downside to using face paint. Over the years I have tried many types and learned that not all face paints are created equal. For more information on one of the best face paints you can read my Carbomask review. The oil based face paints are greasy and tough to remove. Even with soap and water you are going to rub your face till its red. Carbomask is much easier and can be removed with a wet rag or baby wipes.

So follow the Duck Commanders lead and go commando with some face paint this fall. Breaking up the face is going to make it much harder for that old weary doe to spot you in the stand.


If you have any tips about your face paint or face masks please leave them below. If you disagree with everything you just read then by all means please leave us your opinion below.

thanks and happy hunting

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  3. Chris February 10, 2015 at 2:06 am - Reply

    The only downfall I see to face paint is the smell. I can smell the paint even after washing it off, however I still will use face paint before a mask.

  4. Tony Miller December 18, 2016 at 11:35 pm - Reply

    Once I get to my blind and the sun comes up I use the blank screen on my cell phone as s mirror for touch ups. You are always missing it up

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