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Here is the scenerio. Two buddies leave deer hunting camp for a late fall bowhunt. They are headed into their favorite afternoon stands.

Both Hunters are set up by 3pm and ready to kill. Deer movement picks up as dusk approaches. We are down to \”O Deer 30\”. It is that time of day when the woods are growing dark and the big 9 point you have been waiting on finally comes out of the thicket into the hardwood bottom.

You settle the 40 yard pin behind his shoulder and squeeze the release. THWACK! the buck does a donkey kick and takes off into the thicket. You back out quietly and meet your bowhunting buddy at the BadBoy Buggy. He is excited to hear that you shot the 9 point and says how was the shot. You pause for several seconds and

say \”I ain\’t sure of the hit\”

Most bowhunters are shooting deer hunting setups that achieve speeds of 250fps up to 300fps. This makes an arrows trajectory and impact very hard to follow. Combine this with even the slightest low light condition and even the best eyes can\’t pick up the point of impact(POI).

Lighed Nocks Show The Point of Impact

Replacing a standard nock with a lighted nock would quickly resolve this problem. The super bright LED will leave a laser like path to the POI. This provides the bowhunter with much more assurance with the location of the shot. Being confident in the shot will help determine if you should immediately take up the track or back out and give the buck more time.


Lighted Nocks are for Everybody

Lighted nocks are not just for the guys that are making bowhunting videos.  Shooting a lighted nock can also help you recover your arrow. This can save big money in the long run. A light nock is only $8. The arrow is about $15 and the broadhead is $10. Pass through shots or missed shots will be easier to locate. I have also seen a few cases when the arrow stayed in the deer and the lighted nock led the way to the trophy.

So you have no excuses and now have two more reasons to shoot a lighted nock. Stop being cheap and spend a few bucks. The batteries in the a lighted nock will last for days. I have arrows in the my quiver that have killed 4 deer and all with the same NockTurnal lighted nock.

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