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Bowhunting is one of the most exciting sports in the outdoor world.  Getting within bow range of a whitetail deer requires experience, skill, stealth and luck.  Some bowhunters can go weeks or months without being presented with a shot opportunity.  This misfortune could happen for a number of reasons.  Advanced trail camera tactics and spending a little time scouting will help with shot opportunities but lets focus on the shot for the time being.  Here is a very simple tip to instantly improve your bowhunting accuracy.

Deer hunters are naturally trained to look for antlers.  When they catch movement in the woods they immediately start looking for antlers.  It is natural to check for presence of a trophy rack.  You might also just be making sure it is a buck.  Many states have regulations in place that have minimum point requirements.  After checking for horns I would say most hunters start looking for shooting lanes and focusing on the deer\’s vital zone.  All good hunters want to concentrate on a making an ethical kill shot.

\"ImprovingThe Deer Will Find the Center

Anyone that has gun hunted is familiar with a rifle scope.  The crosshair reticle is in the center of your field of view.  You will naturally center the deer\’s vital zone in the center of your field of view and this generally places the crosshairs right over the vitals.  The same situation comes when viewing deer in binoculars.  The tendency is to center the deer in the binoculars and this puts the vitals near the center of your field of view.

Don\’t believe me?

Grab a set of binos and give it a try.  You don\’t need a deer.  Try it on the dog in the yard or on the horse in the pasture.  It is only naturally to frame the subject in the center of your field of view.

Bow Accuracy Improves With Single Pin Sight

This natural tendency is the reason you should be shooting a bow sight with a round pin guard.  Having a round pin guard with the pins near the center of the guard will greatly improve your bowhunting accuracy.  During your first target practice you will immediately realize the urge to center the target in the round frame.


I prefer single pin sights with round pin guards.  Most modern compound bows shoot speeds that make it possible to reach 30 yards with a single pin.  My favorite bow sight is currently the HHA Optimizer.  It is an adjustable single pin bow sight that is accurate from 0 to 60 yards.  Installing this sight on my bow instantly increased my accuracy.

Other good choices would be Copper John and Spot-Hogg bow sights.  Just make sure they are durable enough for hunting and the pins will provide enough visibility in low light conditions.  The fewer pins the better because you will be less distracted and less likely to suffer from target panic.  If your current sight is the older design I encourage you to try out a new sight with round pin guard.  The investment is small for something that will instantly improve your bow shooting accuracy.

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