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Browning Strike Force Review – Top Choice in 2014



We finally had a chance to do a thorough Browning Strike Force review. All I can say is WOW. This was the first Browning trail camera we had a chance to put to the test and it performed great.

This is a micro sized trail camera

The first thing you will notice is the compact size. It is noticeably smaller than all other competitors. I also really like the tree bark paint job. Realistic is an understatement. You will also notice the case comes equipped with a Master Lock Python cable slot on the back. This is a simple yet fantastic feature. Why it has taken companies this long to incorporate security features into their cameras is beyond me.


I finally completed another trail camera review and just posted the article and the video. If you are interested in a cellular trail camera then you really need to check out the Covert Code Black 3g review

You can use the Python cable to secure the unit to the tree and you can also use the familiar nylon webbing strap. The small size allowed the Strike Force to be mounted easily on even the smallest trees. It also comes with a threaded insert if you need to use a tree or stake mount.

Detection Range and Trigger Speed is Top Notch

We found the sensitivity and detection range to be perfectly tuned. There were some cases when the camera would be triggered before we entered the full field of view. A few other customers also mentioned this during reviews but cases were limited.

Speaking of detection range, the trigger speed of the Browning Strike Force is down right fast. We don’t have access to high tech testing equipment but we timed the trigger speed at .80 seconds. This is very impressive for a camera with a Browning Strike Force for only $137.

The Strike Force produces great trail camera pictures. The 10MP resolution captures some of the sharpest pictures that we have seen. The night pictures are also very good thanks to the flash. I am not sure how many LEDs are in the flash but the range is out to 100 feet. I have included a couple of example pictures and videos below.

Strike Force Battery Life?

I almost forgot to talk about batteries. This micro compact camera runs on 6 AA batteries. We ran several different brands/types of batteries and never had any noticable loss or gain in performance. We would expect you to get about one hunting seasons worth of typical use from one set of batteries.

Browning Strike Force Review Conclusion


Browning Strike Force Comparison Chart

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Last year we were very happy with our Moultrie M880 and we still believe it is a good choice. When comparing the Browning Strike Force to the Moultrie M880 or Covert MP6 Black I really wouldn’t say there is a clear winner – see the comparison chart above. The M880 and Strike Force are leaders when it comes to trigger speed but all three trail cameras have comparable performance specs. But this is a review so at the time of this writing we are naming the Browning Strike Force as the editor’s choice for this price range.

The best price we have seen is listed on Amazon – > 2014 Browning Strike Force for $137

If you have an opinion on the 2014 Browning Strike Force then please leave your comments/reviews below.

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  1. Is the detection range right? From the article you said it has a .8 trigger speed but in the chart it shows .67. The flash says 100 in the article and on the packaging it comes in. But you say 80 ft on the chart? Nothing about detection range in article..

  2. I have a browning Recon Force, is it possible that movement from foodplot vegetation triggers the camera, takes many pictures of just the foodplot. In two days I’ll have over 500 pics, wildlife and foodplot. Dan Dahlstrom

    • Is your camera set on time lapse by chance? If not blowing vegetation can set it off. also if the tree you have it on is blowing back and forth that can set it off.

  3. I purchased two Strike Force cameras in August that I installed in the woods in September. Of the two, one is working great; been taking great pictures for 6 weeks, and the batteries are sill 90%. The other camera killed the batteries in a week, so blamed the batteries. I replaced the batteries two more times, only getting 6 shots. The camera has a short circuit or some other fault, I suspect I got a “lemon”. Amazon wants me to return both cameras for a refund because I bought them as a pair. But I am in the middle of Bow Season, and I don’t want to give up the camera that is working. I am still waiting to hear from Browning.
    I would have highly recommended this camera, as it is hands down superior to the Primos Blackouts I was using previously. Before this problem, I was planning on buying two more.

  4. would like or if all of them can you hook up to a external 6 or 12 volt battery systemto now if browning trail cameras

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