Egyptian Wheat Food Plot Screen

Deer hunters that consistently kill big bucks every year will tell you that entry and exit of the farm is the huge factor. Bumping a mature buck one time is likely to run it onto the neigbors farm. Experts like Adam Hayes and Bill Winke use ditches and old creeks to access food plots and deer stands. Egyptian wheat is a great low cost and low maintenance food plot screening vegetation. Many hunters and QDMA advocates will argue that egyptian wheat is the best all around food plot screen.

5lbs. egyptian wheat seed to plant an acre for $25 with free delivery from amazon.

All farms are not created equal and sometimes its just not that simple. Some of your best food plots or ag fields may not be adjacent to natural features that have the ability to conceal our movements. A little investment in a food plot screen goes along way.

Deer also get frustrated when continuing to encounter human pressure. This may be from the neighbor feeding the cows. It may be your best neighbor walking their dog on the dirt road that borders your lease.  Establishing an Egyptian Wheat screen will work wonders on the deer population.

5lbs. egyptian wheat seed to plant an acre for $25 with free delivery from amazon.


A food plot screen has two duties. It can prevent deer from seeing you approach your treestand. A food plot screen can also help the deer feel more comfortable visiting a food source. Both jobs can be very valuable when developing a hunting area for quality hunting and quality bucks.

Egyptian Wheat Benefits:

  • Cheap
  • Easy to grow
  • Not a food source
  • Holds up well to wind and weather
  • Drough resistant
5lbs. egyptian wheat seed from Amazon


Egyptian wheat is a member of the sorghum family but is not a favored food for whitetails. We want the plot screen to conceal the area so not attracting the deer is an important attribute. We want the deer to hold tight in the food plot and keep their distance from the food plot screen.

Egyptian wheat grows quickly to a height of 10 feet. This tall thick shield works pefect in all terrains.

The perfect depth for Egyptian Wheat is 1/2″ which is very easy to hit with a tractor and even ATV planting tools.

Check your ag extension office and other resources for perfect planning dates but Egyptian Wheat can be planted from April to June. This will give the plant plenty of time to mature and establish a screen prior to September or October hunting seasons.

Jeff Sturgis is a whitetail habitat specialist that utilizes EW as a plot screen. His books have been groundbreaking for many landowners and I encourage you to check out his books.

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Deer hunting is a great sport and is one of my passions. Between September and January you will probably find me in a treestand with bow in hand. My hope with this site is to share my experience to help you have a more successful and enjoyable deer hunt.

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