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Father’s Day 2018 – Gifts For Deer Hunters

Father’s Day 2018 will fall on Sunday June 17th 2018. Our fathers are all important to us and we need to make them feel special on father’s day.

My father played a huge role in exposing me to the outdoors. I remember how excited I was the day before opening day of season.

Being able to spend a day hunting with dad and grandpa were some of the greatest days of my life.

Fathers Day 2018 Gift Ideas for Deer Hunters

Here is a big list of creative gift ideas for deer hunters. The list is in no particular order but I hope it will provide inspiration as you shop for a 2018 father’s day gift for hunters.

Trail Camera SD Card Reader For Mobile Devices

Checking trail cameras is always part of the deer hunting season. A mobile SD card reader makes it possible to view pictures from an Apple or Android Phone.

The BuckStrut SD card reader is inexpensive and does a great job for viewing on Android phones. To check the best price and read reviews click here BuckStruck Game and Trail Camera Viewer for Android Devices

Apple phone users can select the Boneview model. It cost a few bucks more but actually give you the option of working with an Apple or Android phone. Click here to check Amazon for the reviews and best price on the Boneview SD Card reader.

Scent Control Gifts

Take care of your stinky dad and help him see more big bucks. Scent control is one of the most important aspects of preparing for a deer hunt. I’ll include several father’s day gift ideas that range from $20 all the way to $300.

deaddown wind scent killer kit

Dead Down Wind has a great reputation for controlling human odor and other scents that cut deer hunts short. The ten piece kit is affordable and has everything your dedicated father could need. Dead Down Wind Trophy Hunter Kit (10 Piece) At the time of posting it is less than $20.

evercalm scent stick

I recently published an Evercalm Scent Stick Review and the short story is….I love this stuff. Evercalm is not magic but it does perform wonderfully in my opinion. At this price EverCalm Deer Herd Scent Stick makes or great father’s day gift that can be used throughout the entire season


The Ozonics HR200 portable ozone generator is at the top of the $300 price range. Ozone kills the bacteria that produces scent. This basically makes it impossible for the deer to smell the hunter. I know it sounds like science fiction but you can read thousands of positive reviews abou the Ozonics HR-200 Reviews and Prices

Hunting Lease Membership

hunting club membership

What better gift for a deer hunter than a hunting lease. Base Camp Leasing is basically a leasing brokerage company that connects hunters with landowners for a membership fee. There are different levels of membership access ranging from $50 to $200 –> Base Camp Leasing Memberships

Gift Cards Are Easy and Appreciated

gift card gift ideas for fathers day

I have received gifts cards for all major holidays and also apreciation gifts like coaching baseball or being in a wedding. We all know gift cards are the Easy Button but we still love free money. Deer Hunters would love gift cards for father’s day from the following places: Gift Card in a Black Gift Box .

Bass Pro Shops Gift Card .

Cabelas $50 Gift Card .

Deer Hunting Fathers Love Knives

outdoor edge butcher kit

Dad’s love being in deer camp and they love helping their buddies clean deer. It is all part of the caveman process and the Outdoor Edge Butcher Kit will make your dad the king of deer camp. We looked around and found the Outdoor Edge Butcher kit for less than $50.

Meat Eater Gifts

nesco jerky kit

My dad is a real man and I am sure your’s is too. Help you dad celebrate deer season year round with a Nesco Jerky Kit. This kit is cheap! I don’t even want to say inexpensive. It is less than $40 and works good as hell.  I love my Nesco Jerky Xpress Dehydrator Kit with High Mountain Jerky Seasoning.

I am still adding to the list of fathers day gifts for deer hunters but I want to go ahead and publish the article. Father’s day is less than 3 weeks away so I hope my ideas have been helpful and got your creative juices flowing. I will update the list of father’s day gifts over the next week.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any unique father’s day gift ideas. Featured image card photo

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