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Deer hunting is a great sport and is one of my passions. Between September and January you will probably find me in a treestand with bow in hand. My hope with this site is to share my experience to help you have a more successful and enjoyable deer hunt.

Filming A Pass Through Shot

At least 25 years ago we did not have cable TV.  There was no Buckmasters TV and definitely no Outdoor Channel or Sportsman Channel.  Hunting videos came on VHS tapes and not from YouTube. Back in the day, Dan Fitzgerald put out some really great hunting videos.  They were not …

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Simply Amazing Archery Skills

Summertime is for hanging deer stands and practicing with your bow. Bow hunting is tough and it is important to stay sharp. I normally practice 50 yard shots because it helps me be more confident during hunting situations. Tim Wells takes bow hunting practice to a whole new level. Doves …

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4 Shed Antler Hunting Tips

Shed antler hunting is a great way to scout and locate next season’s trophy bucks.  If they made it through hunting season and the worst months of winter, their antlers will be the first clues.  Shed antler hunting can actually be fairly easy once you break it down to the …

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Trail Camera Captures Deer Antler Growth

Whitetail deer are prized and pursued for their antlers.  Hunters spend countless hours each year looking for a mature buck with large or unique antlers.  Many hunters also extend their season by searching for shed antlers in the spring.  In both pursuits of antlers, hunters have begun to enlist the …

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