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Deer hunting is a great sport and is one of my passions. Between September and January you will probably find me in a treestand with bow in hand. My hope with this site is to share my experience to help you have a more successful and enjoyable deer hunt.

Finding Deer Hunting Leases Online

You can have all the hunting gear in the world and it ain’t worth a dime if you don’t have a place to hunt. Every single day you should always be looking for a free deer hunting lease. But free is not always an option and it is not easy …

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Instantly Improve Bow Accuracy

Bowhunting is one of the most exciting sports in the outdoor world.  Getting within bow range of a whitetail deer requires experience, skill, stealth and luck.  Some bowhunters can go weeks or months without being presented with a shot opportunity.  This misfortune could happen for a number of reasons.  Advanced …

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2013 Deer Hunting Sweepstakes Contest

UPDATED: 9/13/2013 I am feeling lucky and just entered every 2013 deer hunting sweepstakes contest I could find. In hopes of scoring some good karma I decided to share the contest info and a few tips with y’all. Today we are going to show you how to enter dozens of …

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My New Hunting Camcorder

Guys! I have to admit that it feels like Christmas in July. My new Canon HF G10 arrived today. For a couple of years I have been borrowing camcorders and I finally bit the bullet so to speak.

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State Sponsored Deer Hunting Clinics

I love deer hunting and hopefully it comes across abundantly clear in my stories and tips on this site. My dad and I spend a lot of time with each other chasing deer. My boys are reaching the age they can join us. Hunting with family and friends is one …

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