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Deer Hunting is our passion and we are glad your are here to join us. Hunting is not a solitary sport. Chasing whitetails is a community effort. Hunting camp is a whole lot more fun with family and friends. Thanks again for stopping by and we hope you enjoy hunting tips, stories, the store or whatever it was that brought you to our little deer lease on the web.

Hunting Tips

deer hunting tips

Deer hunting is all about being in the right place at the right time. 90% planning and preparation and 10% luck. These deer hunting tips will shift the odds into your favor.

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Gear Reviews

We have all the gear reviews you are looking for. Don't buy a trail camera, bow sight, scope, treestand or hunting boots before reading the reviews.

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Deer Hunting Videos

Check out our collection of the best deer hunting videos online. We have only included the most amazing videos of great hunts and true trophy whitetails.

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Build side by side comparison charts with our Trail Camera Comparison Tool. Easily compare specs and features like trigger speed and flash range.

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  • deer car crash video
    Deer Car Crash Video from Russia
    This is not a whitetail but it is a deer so I thought it qualified. We have all seen deer standing on the side of the road but hopefully you don’t see...
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  • Wisconsin Buck Kill Shot Captured on Trail Camera Video
    Wisconsin Buck Kill Shot Captured on Trail Camera Video
    This is a really rare bowhunting video. Most hunters will never have a chance to see a buck this big. So when you get a chance to draw back you better make...
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  • browning strike force trail camera
    Browning Strike Force Review – Top Choice in 2014
    We finally had a chance to do a thorough Browning Strike Force review. All I can say is WOW. This was the first Browning trail camera we had a chance to put...
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  • Moultrie M880
    What Moultrie M880 Should I Buy
    For 2014 Moultrie Feeders introduced several new game cameras. In my opinion they were really smart and continued to build off the highly popular M880 line. So let's compare the M880I, M880C...
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  • deer fart video
    Deer Fart Video
    Send This Video To a Friend! The title says it all! I really can’t believe I just wrote that. I guess corn has the same effect as beans! She probably looked around to make sure...
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  • Vancouver Deer Shot with Arrow
    The Ugly Side of Urban Archery
    Deer are probably some of the most adaptive animals in North America.  Subdivisions, city parks and greenways provide plenty of cover and food.  I live in Charlotte and deer tracks are a...
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  • ground blind brushed in
    7 Ground Blind Hunting Tips
    Another Great Article From ProStaff member Ron Dahlseid There is nothing like having that perfect lofty perch in a nice big, tall and straight tree overlooking a couple of well traveled game trails and maybe...
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  • Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless 119599c
    Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless Review
    The buzz in the outdoor world is all new 2014 Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless. That’s right a cellular trail camera from one of the best brands in the business. As you...
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  • No Go with GoPro
    No Go with GoPro
    The GoPro is arguably one of the most popular camcorders in recent history but it is not the right choice for filming hunts. It is designed to capture all the action. The...
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  • wildgame innovations trail cameras
    Wildgame Innovations Trail Cameras
    The 2014 Wildgame Innovations trail camera reviews found nothing to write home about. With all the choices we might suggest looking at a camera from Covert, Moultrie or Bushnell. Price is about...
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  • filming hunts from ground blind
    Filming Hunts From a Ground Blind
    From ProStaff member Ron Dahlseid I had recently written an article about hunting with ground blinds and in it I mentioned tripods and photo gear placement, but now I would like to make some...
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  • scoutlook weather deer hunting app
    My Two Favorite Deer Hunting Apps
    Deer hunting apps are becoming more and more popular.  It seems like everybody has a smartphone like the iphone or android phone.  A lot of articles promise to provide the “12 best...
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  • HHA Optimizer Review
    HHA Optimizer Review
    This HHA Optimizer review has been underway for over 3 years.  I tested the HHA single pin bow sight in August of 2010.  Switching to a single pin sight has been a...
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  • Hunting Lease Price Guide
    Hunting Lease Price Guide
    One of the most common questions in the hunting forums is “How do I find deer hunting land??”The second question is “How much is a deer hunting lease cost per acre??”  This...
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  • Grabber Body Warmer for deer hunting
    How To Stay Warm While Deer Hunting
    December is here and the temperatures will continue to drop.  For most states the rut has come and gone.  Bucks and does have lost weight in November and will start pounding food...
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